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Shift work

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Dr. Jan-Frieder Harmsen

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Hi there! My name is Frieder and I was born in 1992 in Kiel (Germany), where I grew up before moving to Cologne in 2012 to study exercise science and physiology. In 2014, I spent a semester abroad at the University of Florida to gain insight into elite athlete coaching in the Strength & Conditioning Program of the Florida Gators. Thereafter, I switched gears from wanting to become a coach to a more research-oriented focus. Since 2015, I have been involved in several research projects in the area of skeletal muscle physiology at the German Sport University Cologne and the University Hospital Düsseldorf. In between my studies, I also worked as a therapist in a rehabilitation and sports therapy clinic. In 2018, I spent a semester abroad at the Edith Cowan University in Perth (Australia) to collect data for my Master's thesis and expand my scientific network. I finished my M.Sc. in Exercise Science at the German Sport University Cologne in 2019. Subsequently, I joined the Diabetes and Metabolism Research Group (DMRG) at Maastricht University as a PhD student, where I investigated the impact of the biological clock on metabolism, particularly skeletal muscle, with a focus on insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Since 2023, I am working as postdoctoral researcher in the Healthy Living Spaces Lab at the University Hospital at RTWH Aachen University to study the role of environmental factors (such as light exposure) and their timing on metabolic health. So far, my research resulted in over 10 peer-reviewed articles. With hosting the "247Muscle" podcast, my aim is to provide translation of research in the field of skeletal muscle physiology, chronobiology, sleep, exercise performance & more to the interested public.

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Insulin resistance is associated with blunted 24-h flexibility in whole-body substrate metabolism and skeletal muscle mitochondrial respiration, and disruptions in the skeletal muscle molecular circadian clock ...

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In this study, we show that bright light influences glucose metabolism, energy expenditure and thermoregulation in insulin-resistant individuals depending on time of the day. We find that a light regime with exposure to bright light during the day and dim light during the evening is beneficial for most metabolic outcomes ...

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Most read article

We studied the muscle metabolome around the clock comparing young healthy vs. older, metabolically compromised men. We find that muscle metabolism generally changes drastically over 24 hours displaying circadian rhythms in many metabolites. The greatest differences between groups are present during the night ...

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Jan-Frieder Harmsen

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This podcast is independent of my teaching and research work at RWTH Aachen University. Personal opinions are my own and do not reflect RWTH Aachen University or any other of my former affiliations!

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